On the Utter lack of New Comics(OR:Reassigning Blame)

Postby TheUnstablist on Tue Apr 02, 2002 8:01 pm

ok, I know nik has at least ONE comic which is done but hasn't posted, doubtful he has more, but who knows. also he has a possible bonus feature done by a friend of ours that I may spin off into a "Every Day there really ought to be a comic, but isn't" comic which, I shall call "Drive Bys".

And so you know, NONE of the delays in the comic are my fault. I've already done everything I can to keep the comic on schedule(I'm LITERALLY a month ahead of the comic in scripts even if we updated DAILY so I am sure a FUCKING HELL not the bottle neck).

In the future expect one or all of the following...
a)MA to die of lack of interest do to the distinct lack of feedback(i.e. NONE)
b)MA to die because Nik puts off doing stuff and Kate not thinking to draw comics
c)Me to start a second(third?, fourth?) webcomic tentatively titled "Here and Then" as soon as I find an artist(applications welcome)
d)Me to fail classes because I'm to busy ranting and being upsaet over various things that don't work(including myself).

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