More strips, hurrah!

More strips, hurrah!

Postby Jeniz Perez on Wed Dec 18, 2002 9:39 am

In case you noticed, we've been updating the strips weekly now! Yep yep yep, it's going great!

We've got plenty o' features coming up, like The Crew page (I hate writing autobiographies -_-).

Also, I'm starting to write more strip material. Tee-hee, the next say, 5, strips are going to be GREAT! The long awaited destruction of the village is coming soon (although you do not get a detailed view of it, just memories, but it's cool nonetheless). AND new characters shall be introduced soon. More profiles yada yada yada. TROK is going strong!

Don't forget to vote for TROK on [url][/url](we need more viewers!!)

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