Whats Flora holding? (May 5 2005)

Whats Flora holding? (May 5 2005)

Postby [Umbra] on Thu Jun 09, 2005 6:30 pm

Are we looking at the first instance of a pixie throsper in the comic? I find it interesting that the larger races are just starting to experiment with magic and technolgy, while pixies seem adept at melding the two.

Anyhow here is a little more information on throsper.
Copy and pasted from Reica Selen's Profile from Master Zen-Dao Meow

For those wondering how the Throspers work:
These are weapons that look like a mixture of high tech guns and supersoakers, but whose purpose is essentially to throw spells around. Throspers are all purpose tools with two main working parts. The first is the energy pack, stored with pure magical energy. The second part is the spell node that focuses and directs the energy when it comes in contact with the energy pack. These marble-like nodes can be set to do just about anything. This means the same Throsper that was working like a paintball gun just moments before can...with the simple changing of a node...be used as a hose. Despite all the different nodes, there are only two Throsper designs. The smaller handgun sized (to a pixy) design is less powerful and is mainly used for smaller tasks. But when the effect needs to be larger, the bazooka sized Throsper comes into play. It is called the BIG Throsper. (BIG standing for Bulk Industrial Grade)

So what does this bode for Mitch and Hazel......
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Postby Elevenbane on Thu Jun 09, 2005 7:12 pm

Note number one: Yes. That is a Throsper.

Note number two... Bwahahahaha...
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Postby Drath on Sun Jun 12, 2005 7:50 am



This is gonna be interesting
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