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The plot is developing rapidly! I am eagerly awaiting new installments. Each strip deserves its own time in the limelight, but unfortunately my time is not my own.

263- Yay for the revelation of the shadowy figure as an average Joe! I know it was anticlimactic, but it was supposed to be! Shut up critics, it was funny. (Why does the head of Canadian government look just like W.?) :)

264- Interesting insight on the word 'peril' that I never considered before but now don't see why not. Also points for gratuitous violence!

265- Two words. Anime. Eyes. Cuteness is an amazing natural defense mechanism that rates up there with claws, fangs, and the ability to whistle.

266- To those of you who were asking yourselves the question "What could possibly be better than a short, bald manager who doesn't mind snuffing customers?" Here's your answer. Two of them!

267- Company loyalty always pays off. Imagine what might have happened if Charles shirked his shift. (That's fun to say. *mumbles repeatedly* shirked his shift, shirked his shirt,shirked his shift...)) He would have missed this valuable and very convenient plot convergence! Even worse, he might not have sold that jelly doughnut.

268- Charles is a smart person who is able to put 2 and 2 together quite well. My only question is whether or not he kept the difference of the $100. Then again, I'm sure he did; he earned it. I know I would of.

That about catches us up. Hope everyone had as good a Spring Break as I did!

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Charles kept what was left of the $100. However, $100 Canadian doesn't buy you much.

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