Mr. Skillz & Mr. Nick

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Mr. Skillz & Mr. Nick

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L33t Skillz is quite cool.
He makes Chris smile with his posts
It shows that you care

Thank you Mr. Skillz
For your awesome posting
I suck at making haikus.

Nick Pavlovski is
four syllables in its own
But he is cool too.

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Darth Paradox
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What with only four
of us active around here
we know everyone.

Such a haiku ode
would feel slightly out of place
in a large forum.

But this place is small
and so my lovely girl states
-Darth Paradox

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-S. Weir Mitchell

L33t Skillz
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A Haiku for me?
What an honor you give!
Just doing my part.

She with the penguin
Referred to me as