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See? I love this guy. Some people would waste time and act stupid looking around saying stuff like "Vash! Vash Where did you go?" and blunder into a trap themselves.
Not him. His girl is missing and it doesn't even take him a second to figure out why. What a great chance to see the Bitchmaker in action! I wish that the blow was in this strip.
...also, I hope that the reason we're left in suspense is for the same reason we leave Batman in a shark pit than for suprise that the mighty wrench of might has failed...
Eh, what am I saying? No power in the 'verse can stop the Bitchmaker.

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The thing to realize is not that his keen analytical mind has realized that there was a trap door in the tree... he blames the tree itself, because it's the only thing there. This is the sort of dumb luck and rash action that makes Steve so "successful" in his life.
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