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im sorry, folks. i know my millions and millions of loyal fans have been just sitting at their computers, watching and waiting for The J Files to update. many of you have probably lost the will to live and have jumped from numerous tall objects in absence. for this i am sorry. i can't help but feel the slightest bit responsible for these needless deaths. many of you have turned your anger elsewhere, such as parents, teachers, arabs and the elderly. the wave of violence that has no doubt ensued due to my lack of updating upsets me greatly. right here, in the chestal area. my left arm is all tingly too. plus i can speak to god. but enough about my hallucinations, lets talk about the future! thats right! the future of The J Files! is there one, you may ask? if you do, i may answer YES! yes there is! The J Files continues, unabaded, unabashed and uninteresting (although i try to shy away from saying that. why did i say it then? i suppose i can go back and delete it right now... oh well, too much effort), though i may try to make it so, on monday! providing of course thet outside factors that caused me to not be able to update in the first place discontinue wholeheartedly, but what are the chances of having <u>another</u> stroke, huh? so yes! monday it is!<P>boo-ya!<P>boxjam aint got nothin on me! i dont even know what that means!<P>boo-ya!<P>------------------
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