Vegas Week

Postby Scatman on Tue Mar 26, 2002 5:46 pm

I'll be out of town the week of 4-1 to 4-6 in one of my favorite places: Las Vegas!

I know that I should be prepared for such things, but time management is one of the things I've got to learn.

Anyhow, I'll give you two optons:

1. Let's see how far Home Fries has progressed since Comic's Edge by viewing a week of "The Best of the Comic's Edge Days".

2.I found several toons I worked on about 12 years ago. They're about a frog and duck and titled "The Lilly Pad". You can see how my brain worked before I killed so many brain cells with beer.

So what will it be? A flashback or a flash waaaay back?
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Postby GregCartoonist on Wed Mar 27, 2002 3:48 am

Hey, let's see the comicsedge stuff again.
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Postby ThrobbinJohnny on Wed Mar 27, 2002 5:26 am

CE stuff...but you gotta post the Lily Pad when you get gack!! We gots to see it...

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Postby Scatman on Sat Mar 30, 2002 7:06 am

Well, it took me a while to count all the votes, but there seems to be overwhelming support for a week of classic Home Fries.

So you don't feel cheated, I'll be posting strips for every day the week of 4-1 through 4-6. Enjoy the extra helpings of Home Fries! I hope they're not stale, I had them in the freezer.
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