1 year!!!

1 year!!!

Postby ZOMBIE USER 2125 on Thu Jan 16, 2003 12:31 am

:o Wow! One Year already!
Happy birthday NAFTA! And I loved your commemorative picture , Ghis! Hee hee, I'm a crazy beetle! How very very cool.

Anyways, here's to another good year, everyone.

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Postby AnimeCanuck on Sat Jan 18, 2003 12:50 pm

Woohoo!! We made it!

It was a little bumpy getting here, but we made it!
Isn't this exciting?!

Now when will Shu's/Koio's pic and stats go up? When shall we unveil his presence and tell the world we've got a new partner? When will our "new guy" join in the fun?!

Woohoo!!! ^_^

I can't wait to see what Shu has in store for us!

I can't wait to put up Sugar High (after I start drawing it) after Shu's comic, and I can't wait for the Comi-swap!!! ^_^

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