shaggin and blows

shaggin and blows

Postby Nobby on Mon Apr 22, 2002 3:49 am

Gday new look... not bad. i dont have anything interesting to say well i did get my red suede boots today and thats very exciting but ill keep it inside for fear of losing my coolness. Hmm seems frogurteers have been busy its quiet in the forum. Well i guess there werent any comics last week anyway so maybe the frogurt team (Ryan Jones) is to blame for the frogurt slump. well i hope ive wasted your time reading this as you thoought youd read about sex and head jobs but suck shit im just wasting your time as ive wasted mine writing mindless garb. have a nice day and enjoy spending your anzac day infront of the computer. Nobby
PS please straighten me ryan its embarassing
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