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Postby Magihunter on Fri Sep 21, 2001 7:25 am

I use Photoshop 6, but I'm not always show on how to use all of it. What program do you use for making your comic? <P>
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Postby Farmboy on Sat Sep 22, 2001 6:04 am

I use Paint Shop Pro 5, actually. It's a simple program and tt does the job pretty well since I don't use a lot of special effects.<P>I'm getting more and more familiar with Photoshop 6 (that's what I use to make my banners and stuff) so maybe sometime I will start making comics with that instead.<P>-Jen
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Postby Square-x on Sat Nov 02, 2002 8:39 am

I don't make comics .. but I use PSP6 for all my graphics. I'm trying to get used to Photoshop .. but It's just weird or something.
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Photoshop is for rich guys!

Postby Mrboggy on Mon Nov 04, 2002 9:12 am

I personally have not felt the need to spend money on Photoshop. Instead I use MSPaint and have found it to be perfectly sufficient to do anything I would need of it. True, most things are a lot more difficult in MSPaint, but considering I've been able to almost master it within 3 months is a testament to what MSPaint can do. The only advantage I see with Photoshop is that MSPaint makes producing decent custom backgrounds and special effects nearly impossible. But your comic doesn't have to look like an original piece of artwork to be good. I mean Jen has done an excellent job and with a few exceptions has used backgrounds that came straight out of the respective games as well as using next to no editing on her sprites. If anyone has any other questions as to tips or hints on comic making or sprite making (if have technical problems dealing with spriting and comic making, I can only help with MSPaint users) Just IM me. I should almsot always be online unless I'm at class and I'd love to answer any questions anyone might have.
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