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Postby Jarrod on Thu Apr 18, 2002 7:12 pm

This only my second forum post of any kind. This post is more of a gripe than anything else. My ripe is this: i would like to see more than two updates a week from fiddly-bits. Now, don't get me wrong Lt. Dan, i really like the strip for obvious reasons, but it just sucks to look forward to the strip and are only given a taste of what you should get. Condsidering that i'm in fact a charater, I think that it is fair for those involved with the aforementioned comic strip to not only recognize the views of myself, jarrod, but to all those who some-what view the already mentioned comic strip. Oh and by the way, I have a real problem with lefties. Just because you're left-handed doesn't mean you've been oppressed, just because you're left-handed doesn't mean you need a hug. Well, i take that back alot of lefties i know tend to be a bit on the needy-side. By the way, i've trained my dog, the infamous Mr. Donchino Corleone, to attack lefties on sight, so, consider that a threat! This threat is more intended to the only 2 lefties that i really know, but, all you other lefties, i would suggest you to be on your toes!
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Postby Laxmastro on Fri Apr 19, 2002 10:29 am

Jarrod, Jarrod ,Jarrod...
Didn't you read the last strip in that particular story?(April 17) You seem to be a bit LEFT behind.
I'll let the comic speak for itself.
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