Depression or Angst?

Depression or Angst?

Postby Hortmage on Fri Dec 27, 2002 10:33 am

Sybil appears to be very down in today's strip (12/27). Is this general angst? the Holiday Blues? or something more serious?

As someone who has experienced clinical depression personally, I can kind of understand what our favorite vixen is going through. Even with everything going right for once, she still finds no happiness, and she can't enjoy what she has.

This goes way beyond "greed for material things," or any other petty desires. Perhaps Fenchurch is right, and that sharing her (comparatively) good fortune with others is the course to follow for inner peace.

Either that, or modern pharmaceuticals (which was the route I took!).


I don't know why, but after seeing the strip, I keep hearing Jethro Tull's "Christmas Song" in my mind.

"How can you laugh when you're own mother's hungry?
And how can you smile when you're reasons for smiling are wrong?"

<sigh> If it's too late to wish you Happy Holidays...then how about "May you at least not be miserable...? :roll:
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