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It occurs to me that the "What's This" may be a little vague in it's function of laying down exactly what Im supposed to be doing. So I'll take this time to explain a bit more.<P>Atomik Girl is a parody on the modern hero with just a splash of oddness from the silver age.<P> What I wanted was to take someone who probably should not really be a heroine and put them in the lime light. She is more concerned with her "Coolness factor" and how popular she is than she is fighting crime.
Will she always be that way? Only time and the story will tell. <P> This is done very comic like as opposed to strip like but with an impotant difference. The difference is this WILL evolve, charicters will grow and change.. and if story warrents leave the comic. The reason is.. well Im very bored with modern comics that never change and how a new creative team each year really kills the year befores storylines..<P> So that being said I welcome suggestions.. questions and all that<P>Peace
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