Your Choice...

Your Choice...

Postby Kalmazoo702 on Mon Dec 16, 2002 9:53 am

...should have its own forum. There's no conveneint place to discuss it, and I really wanted to say something about how your 'Tijuana' looks more like Grim Fandango than anything else. Oh well. I guess I can't.

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Postby Al_fayyed on Mon Dec 16, 2002 5:24 pm

Seeing as Keenspace is rejecting it like a baboon heart, maybe it should get a forum in Talkaboutcomics or similar.

Although I thought Tiajuana was very Grim Fandango, too. Is it a coastal city? Does anyone know?
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Postby Justinpie on Mon Dec 23, 2002 12:08 pm

I'm not really sure. The one thing you can pretty much bank on is a lack of accuracy (see: the British Knight guarding the Lost City of Gold this week). Stuff has to be credible (or at least reasonable) in our regular comics, but this is sort of a vacation from that.
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