Here's a Thing (Free Tabletop Roleplaying Game)

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Here's a Thing (Free Tabletop Roleplaying Game)

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I know that in the yesterdays of Keenspace's heights, posting something like this would go in a section other than General . . . but I don't know if any of us old forum-rats venture out to the other boards any more.
SO! Hopefully evading the ban-hammer for this . . . here's a linky-link to a little something-something.
It's a narratively-driven horror tabletop roleplaying game, that uses a d4 pool system. Since it's a "Name Your Price" product, you can set the payment value to $0 and download it for free.
Also, please note that the "GM Only" section at the back of a book contains information that could spoil elements of the game for the players if they read it. Just something to be aware of in advance.

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