Keenspace Secret Assassin 2018

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Keenspace Secret Assassin 2018

Post by VileTerror »

So, this one is my personal favourite art exchange.

On June 15th, 2018 . . . the contract killings will happen . . .

That is to say: The Keenspace Secret Assassin art exchange event will have an image-post deadline of 2018-06-15!

The rules are simple. Much like the Secret Santa, the Secret Assassin involves putting the name of one of your webcomics' original characters in to a digital hat (my email). I will then randomize the participants, and you will be tasked with drawing an image or short comic of someone else's character getting "whacked." Like, "taken care of," right? "Sleeping with the fishies." "Pushing up daisies." "Assassinated."
. . . oh wait, that last one wasn't euphemistic. Right. Well!

Send an email to nillace -symbol-of-at-*
Please include:
- Your name.
- Your webcomic name and URL.
- The name of the character you want dead (and a cast page entry URL, if possible).
- How you want the assassination to occur, or if you want the other artist to just get creative.
- Whether or not you want it "tasteful" or "gratuitous" as far as gore and/or violence.

The deadline for sign-ups will be May 17th, 2018 (2018-05-17) to give participants plenty of time to work on their killings. I'm posting this so early because I want to make sure we get a good handful of participants. Please, don't delay! As soon as you know you will be able to participate, send me your email.

Despite being titled the _Keenspace_ Secret Assassin, this event is technically open to all webcomic artists, or any artist with original characters. Please; no parody or tribute characters during sign-up (but if you want your character killed by "Sanic teh Heghog" or something like that, that's totally acceptable).

Happy hunting!

* sorry for not making my email address hyperlinkable; I got unsolad'd HARD due to Secret Santa 2017
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