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Re: If It Weren't for Keenspace ...

Postby Ideal Comics on Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:40 pm

Bobadventures wrote:My comic is one of the two most important creative works I've ever produced, the other being my novel. I've loved producing it these past 13 years. Having a regular artistic outlet during rough times has been invaluable to me.

And yet, when I think how much of myself I've poured into this comic over the years, and how little it has availed me in any real world sense... ah well. Such is art, I suppose.

I used to hang out on this forum a fair bit. Then one guy here offered to review other people's webcomics. I figured it was a chance for some very minor free publicity, so I said sure. He absolutely excoriated my work, seemingly just for the amusement of it, and then reposted his critique on a site he'd started expressly for mocking struggling artists. For years, his stupid review was one of the first things that came up on any google search of my comic's title.

I didn't want to hang out here again after that.

Good gravy, that sounds awful!
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