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Post by Ccelizic »

Lull us all into thinking you shall restart the comic will you and then leave us hanging.

not that it changes my "check sandwichworld" routine in anyway. I mean I always keep tabs on the page.

But YOU, YOU are in league with those ninja mimes, oh, those silently silent mimics and killers! The ultimate in stealth.

I'm willing to bet they are stalking us at this minute, reporting back to you with handmotions and enacting the horror we behold your unupdatedness with!
How dare you! I know evil is bad, but come on! Eating kittens is just plain--plain wrong! And no one should do it! EVER!

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Post by MichaelCL »

I knew it

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Post by MisterIrony »

If you can't see any new strips, make sure to refresh the page.

I can see them just fine, so nyah!

Also, I have sent out a battalion of mimes after you.

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Post by Eyeless Blond »

Pfeh, mimes are so 90s. These days you need Ninjas... and wizards! Ninja wizards!

Also welcome back Irony. It's been awhile.[/url]

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