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Postby MisterIrony on Tue Sep 04, 2001 3:32 am

I like to play on the idea that mythical and fantastic creatures are nothing like we'd expect them to be. I mean, we can imagine all sorts of personalities for them, or some ways they might perceive and react to the world, but the last thing we'd ever expect would be for them to be just like us.
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Postby DreamSerpent on Tue Sep 04, 2001 9:47 am

What can i say, i love humanising mythical creatures, it makes me laugh...<P>humanized demons make me laugh.<P>~DS
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Postby CRiX on Sun Sep 23, 2001 2:41 am

What if this is what we always thought of the mythical beings as being like though?? aye aye?? ever think of that aye???<P>-CRiX
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