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Postby Lobst on Sun Oct 21, 2001 7:55 am

Don't worry, it's not a hiatus. In fact, all the news I have is good.<P><img src="" alt="YES."><P>- New Cast Member. His name is Brad, and he's a very, very energetic student. Take a guess who he is. Go on, do it!<P>He'll be replacing somebody in Day Four. Who it is, exactly, is going to be a secret.<P>- New comics - all-new ones, actually - will be going up every Monday through Friday, meaning you should visit more, tell your friends, and get Carson Fire to link me.<P>- Yes, I'm feeling better. I finally bought a copy of Unreal Tournament and the Excessive Overkill mod for it, and I've learned to use my previous depression to fuel my resolve. Hey, look! The machinegun now shoots EXPLOSIVE bullets!<P>Thanks for the support.
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