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Postby McFrugal on Sat Oct 20, 2001 12:10 am

Yee-ikes.<P>Uh, not much I can say here... Sounds like you've got tough times ahead, and I wish you luck.<P>
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Postby Lobst on Sat Oct 20, 2001 10:59 am

Sob story ahead, as I needed a place to put my thoughts and I didn't want to resurrect my LiveJournal. Be warned.<P>My dad's usually a charming, debonair fellow with an agenda that revolves around the education of the principles of marketing and the concerns that come with piloting an A-11 German tank. He's medium height, stocky, and as of late an angry, angry person. He takes everything at face value and does not consider alternative opinions when it comes to judgement, although that may be because his fighter-pilot goggles chafe a lot.<P>You know how most people naturally take other people as being dumber than them, in spite of previous accomplishments? Well, he does that. I get to hear belittling dialogue regarding subjects I'm well-versed in as a result and am told instructions I've heard thousands of times before from the SAME DAMN MOUTH.<P>Anyway, he's in the midst of a divorce. He's leaving my mom - a weather-beaten, classically Midwestern, middle-aged lady - for another woman, which I have no problem with (as it's considerably better than months upon months of cheating and secrecy). What pisses me off is how he's going about the custody issues. I'm going to be living with my mother, who's moving a mile away on her notably tiny salary to a small house in which I will have to share a bedroom with my two little brothers until I move out.<P>In addition to all this, I was just fired from work a week and a half ago. They thought I was too slow at what I did, even though they decided to stick me into the one position that didn't involve any social interaction whatsoever and decided to judge my skills on the first two weeks of my first job. I'd vastly improved since then, but they didn't bother *telling* me that there was a problem in the first place. Figures.<P>(INTERLUDE)<P>November is Gaming Month, according to game companies worldwide. With the ~$100 from my final paycheck I shall be purchasing Serious Sam 2, Red Faction, and a throwaway copy of Quake 3: Arena to guide me through these tough times.<P>(END INTERLUDE)<P>I have $1200 saved in the bank for when I get kicked out of wherever I'm living next year. It's enough to get a tiny apartment in New England and live poorly for a few months until I get on my feet and start saving for the ultimate goal: College. That's thousands of dollars, hundreds of miles, and tens of months away, though. I can do naught but live for the moment.<P>Change is inevitable. No amount of preparation can brace you for some, while others may not be so difficult, but in mass quantities they can be particularly deadly. Not only am I overwhelmed with massive amounts of freaky, gigantic changes in my surrounding environment, but I'm surrounded by people who don't take me seriously.<P>*THAT*, my friends, is why there was no update on Friday.
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Postby JeffreyAtW on Sun Oct 21, 2001 2:17 am

Sounds like you're undergoing what happened to me 10 years ago, hence the difficulty of keeping up my own comic...<P>That sucks a lot. Hope it doesn't intrude too much on the production of your comic (AS WELL AS THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, DUH) and that you get to see your dad some times, and that your job issues clear up...<P>But about a job, it's seriously easy to score some work with computer help these days. I had a $40/hour job over the summer animating a short film, and I'm only 15. So if you're out looking to flip burgers, I think it would be even better if you went out there and did something you're actually good at. (Seriously. I think I bit into a lobster antenna in my "Big" Mac, recently...)<P>------------------
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Postby Sandbag on Mon Oct 22, 2001 7:03 am

I feel for you man, I'm hitting my senior year pretty rough. It seems like "bah, I'm only (insert age), I dont have to worry about anything" was just yesterday...I have to say, going to college scares the shit out of me. I dont know much about Englands school system, but as a senior in highschool in the US I'm on my last year before I go off to live on my own for four years...
About the job deal, like the guy before me said, try to specialize, your a damned talented guy, you could work for a newspaper and write funnies or (gasp!) get Lobst and Co. into the newspapers! That'd bring some big bucks (I would assume...) And if that dont work out you can always do HTML stuff for like a school or somthing...if your really lucky you might even find a pal with a dad who's buisness needs internet help. I know a kid who got a lot of money that way...<P> Oh, and yeah, I'm new <IMG SRC=""> Love the comic man, your talented guy. Good luck
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