Postby Lobst on Fri Oct 05, 2001 6:23 am

The new JFCs are being postponed until I finish Day One. The archives will be updated on a M/W/F schedule, with new comics in the new format.<P>People who've only seen the old Day One? Check the new one out. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the lack of, uh, terrible-ness. It also has new plot developments, foreshadows events to come, and adds a lot of stuff I couldn't have come up with back when the originals came out.<P>People who've only seen the new Day One? Well, you're in the majority. What can I say? Just don't murder me for trying to make up for this short break between all-new episodes.<P>Please?<P>------------------
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Postby Gsteemso on Wed Oct 10, 2001 2:44 am

Sounds good to me, but I do have a few observations to make:<P>* When your main page ceases to be updated because all your new stuff is appearing elsewhere -- like a message board or, as in this case, your archives -- you need to explain why ON THE MAIN PAGE. I cannot stress this point too much. The overwhelming majority of my net-browsing is done on machines too old to display this forum at usable speed. I follow a vast number of webcomics, and I simply can't afford to spend 10-25 minutes per forum per comic just on the off chance that something good may have been posted.<P>* As an extension of the above, would it be feasible to have a link from the main page to whatever archive page holds the most recent update? I know this would be fiddly, but it'd save a lot of hunting around in the archives for those of us who (*cough*) can't always remember these things from one week to the next...<P>* The page with the Jan. 31 comic is a bit messed up -- the next comic is Feb. 2, but readers have to type it in by hand because the "NEXT COMIC" link and the little calendar both think the next comic is in April.<P>* Are the new versions of Day One supposed to be on a M-W-F schedule in the archives, as well as actually being posted M-W-F now in October? A few of them are off by a day. This is totally irrelevant if the "BACK" and "NEXT" links are working properly, but it makes it hard to guess what to type in when they're not (see previous item).<P>There, I think that's all of them. Sorry about the nitpicking here -- I wouldn't give a damn normally, but your comic has me strangely addicted somehow and I want it to be as good as it shows signs of potentially being, which logically ought to include the site that presents it. (Lucky thing really, seeing as that's all I have any voice on... :-)<P>Anyway, great comic you've got here!<P>-- gsteemso
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Postby Caster13 on Thu Oct 11, 2001 12:01 am

Awww poo.<P>Ah well, at least there's still progress being made ^_^<P>-Caster<P>------------------
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