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Postby Chad Hirashima on Sat May 26, 2001 1:03 am

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Eunice from Ghosts Hunters, and I asked for some criticism on True Magick. She said she didn't want to criticise too harshly. Having been born to a Korean mother, harsh criticism comes as a natural thing from other people (and I'm sure my half-Korean friends can attest to this as well.) She said my art was good enough to publish, and I received the usual compliment on my coloring as well, but something was... lacking. So I'm going to really buckle down on improving my lineart, which REALLY needs a lot of improvement.<P>I've been experimenting with the art a bit. Today I went and picked up a copy of BattleChasers, because I remember borrowing one from a friend and liking it a lot. The concept of that strip is a little like my own; a party of heroes making do in a fantasy/sci-fi world (although the sci-fi has yet to hit TM.)<P>The changes I'll be making in the artwork won't be apparent until the next change, but please bear with me while the transition is underway. It might result in late strips.<P>Oh, and everyone, have a great Memorial Day weekend. I know I will <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/biggrin.gif"><P>------------------
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A "serious" story involving somewhat dysfunctional young-adult characters in a fantasy realm with the power to rend reality at their whim. Oh, and it's in color, too.<p>[This message has been edited by Chad Hirashima (edited 05-26-2001).]
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Postby Lordgeejay on Sun May 27, 2001 3:12 am

Oooh... I wanna see this. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/smile.gif">
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