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Not the nine o' clock news!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 7:55 am
by Metrobius
Because it's the 2am news instead.

Let me see...

I am the new artist for <a href=>Dangerous and Fluffy: the sheep of Doom!</a> by Adam Cuerden, is it not a wondrous thing?

Subscribe to Graphic Smash so you can read it, it updates on Tuesdays. And *this* week it features Thor with no pants on, what could be better, eh?

I have discovered Super Sculpey and am making fuzzball sculptures for US$35 each, any creature you like (except not a centaur, coz I tried that and it just looked disturbing).

Also, you can order a Pantheon character around 15cm high, expect to pay at least US$50 for that. But it'll be good. Way better than the papier mache ones.

You can see the rahball I've made <a href=> here</a>. A stachoo of Charios sniffing a flower is also on its way.

And remember, you need a soft toy fuzzball! Newest addition to the menagerie is a snowleopardball, and the dratted things are still only US$25 each! It's a miracle!