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Postby Simon_Jester on Sat Jul 21, 2001 12:48 am

Okay,so I'm out here in San Diego, attending the Con. I'm hanging around at the Keenspot booth, fresh from talking to Howard Tayler (a really nice and cool and friendly guy), when a very pleasant man greets me, shakes my hand, and asks if I have a comic on the Space. I say yes, it's called "Crudely Drawn Adventures." Surprisingly, he's heard of it--he says someone e-mailed him the URL, along with some positive comments. He goes on to say he lost the message before he could check it out, and gives me his e-mail address so I can send it to him. It's only then that I look at his name tag.<P>It's Dave Kellet.<P>So, Dave, I'm wondering if I should thank you. I know you're a big "Sheldon" fan--is it possible that you sent him the link? If you were, you have my gratitude.<P>(By the way, I have a new issue and several Con specials drawn--I'm going to see if my hosts will let me use their scanner tomorrow. My site's actually going to update!)
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