Long, long, long post about my neighbors.

Postby Somebody Strange on Fri Jul 20, 2001 6:34 am

This topic was inspired by a comment Kritter made in "Hello?" He suggested I could put a neighbor into the comic.<P>Allow me to describe the neighbors in my current apartment building. You may want to get a tasty beverage and a comfortable chair.<P>In Apartment A, we have an elderly African-American gentleman with a cane. I don't know his name, and Ann has apparently never seen him in the eleven months we've lived here. Every week, UPS makes at least one delivery to his house. He has never made eye contact with me. Every time I've seen him outside his apartment, he seems to be dressed up -- a suit or sports coat, even in 90 degree weather -- and usually carries the cane despite a pronounced limp. When Jackson gets me up in the middle of the night to go outdoors, I often can hear his television from the hallway. He watches old sitcoms pretty much all night, laughing loudly at M*A*S*H and Laverne and Shirley. I've never seen him in daylight.<P>In Apartment B, a middle-aged African-American man lives with an Asian woman who calls herself "Angel" and a Yorkshire terrier named Benjamin. I don't know this man's name either. He leaves his apartment often to smoke in the doorway to the building, usually wearing a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. He says hello, but in a way that makes you feel like you've made him uncomfortable simply by saying hi first. The whole complex knows when Angel is doing laundry, because she adds enough bleach to her clothes to make the air smell like a chlorinated swimming pool. I have seldom seen her anywhere BUT the communal laundry room. Benjamin is a very small Yorkie, making Jackson look huge. He (Benji, not Jackson) walks while he pees, covering a good fifteen yards or so, sniffing and voiding his bladder all the way. He's a tough little dog when he's in his apartment, staring out the glass doors to the world outside. He barks incessantly at Jackson, who (surprisingly) studiously ignores him. When he comes outside, though, he's the most skittish, terrified little dog I've ever seen. He hides behind his owner's legs if you so much as look at him cross-eyed. Also, he has what I call "smoker's bark". He sounds like someone replaced his vocal cords with sandpaper.<P>In Apartment C, we have a middle-aged white lady whose name I once learned but immediately forgot. She always has a look on her face that suggests something is dreadfully wrong with the world but she's trying to be strong. If not for that, she might be somewhat attractive. As it is, I hope I never get into a conversation with her, because I'm sure it would all be about her problems. Recently, a much younger woman moved in as well -- I think she may be a daughter or relative of some sort. The younger woman smokes, also won't make eye contact, and apparently was the source of the new welcome mat. I mention the welcome mat because it's so unusual. It's foam, about an inch thick, and looks like something from a baby's room. It has a moon and a star on it in different colored foam that look like they're pressed into specially cut holes. I feel like if I tripped and fell onto that welcome mat, I would bounce right back to upright. Also in this apartment are Bonnie and Blackie, two dogs. Blackie is a collie -- very well-behaved but seemingly a little slow. Bonnie is a mix who was once a street dog and still shows some of the same aggressive tendencies. I don't know what the breeds are that are mixed, but she's an average-sized dog. Jackson wants to play with them, but Blackie doesn't seem to understand and Bonnie plays a little rough, even for our psychotically rough-and-tumble dog. The only other thing I remember about Apt C is that a collection notice was once stuck on the door for anyone to see. I felt bad for the lady who lived there.<P>In Apartment D, we have Clara, an elderly African-American lady. She cranks up her TV every morning so she can hear it while exercising on her treadmill. She's usually quite pleasant (except for the time she haughtily suggested we buy a muzzle for Jackson), and she once offered to give Ann and me free tickets to the theatre. She's a little bit of a busybody, having offered to sign for other people's UPS packages on more than one occasion. She enjoys seeing Jackson (usually) and has told us how much she loves dogs -- which is ironic considering she had a nephew in the Broadway run of "Cats". Apartment D is directly below us.<P>In Apartment E, we have the Khosrowabadi family. Actually, just a couple. They're moderately elderly, and very friendly. The husband works at a nearby grocery store; I think my wife told me he bags groceries. I
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Postby Kritter on Fri Jul 20, 2001 6:49 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Somebody Strange:
<B>Ah, well. More people means more drawing. And I freeze up with dread every time I have to draw something. One simple comic can take two to three hours to draw, scan, fix, color, and letter. I just don
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Postby SpareChange on Fri Jul 20, 2001 7:42 am

Dave, I think it's amazing you know that much about your neighbors. I've been in my current apartment for 3 years, and my complex is <B>such</B> a revolving door that I know <B>none</B> of my neighbors.<P>As long as they don't complain about my noise, I don't complain about theirs. I say "hi" to a couple of them in the halls, but couldn't tell you what apartments they live in.<P>Sad, huh? My wife often laments not having neighbors like where she grew up, where everybody knows everyone. But I guess these are the days we live in.
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Postby Tsarr on Fri Jul 20, 2001 8:47 am

We've lived in our current apartment for almost 2 years and knew no one. That is until we bought a puppy for my son. Now, when my wife and I, or Nick and I take Dash out for his walk...EVERYONE stops, they want to pet the dog, talk for a minute (usually about the dog), or complain about the weather. <P>Now, it could just be my cynical nature but it seems funny how people won't say hello if you're just walking by, but add a leash and puppy and everyone likes you. <P>What does that say our nature?<P>------------------
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