First Counter Measure Missle?

First Counter Measure Missle?

Postby Crescentmoon76 on Wed Aug 21, 2002 9:24 am

They've been using Patriot Missles in the US for a few years, admitedly this is a recent thing implemented only in the last decade.

Just curious on how these are 'new' some great ideas especialy the sheilding. Similar to Star Trek but you did it starting with the holo projector instead of going from shield technology to the holodeck.

I think your way is more logical though. does this mean they can change the appearance of the ship as well?
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Postby Captain Mike on Wed Aug 21, 2002 7:59 pm

I didn't say these were NEW ideas.

Currently they're are 3 types of shields/armour:
1)Military Grade Sheild Armour -Holographic in nature. Works by "defusing" a surface area so that lasers and grasers energy is spread out over a larger surface area. Downside your ship has to have this stuff installed right into the hull structure as its being built.
2)Ice Armour- Just what it sounds like. Acts like the privious but because it has mass and weight it does have limits. IE how much a ship can "carry", plays marry hell with your inertia and final it has to be removed when you want to use your FTL. (Not the most easiest of things to do when your coming under fire)
3)PLATE Armour- Durrability varies with material used to form the actual armour. Added bonous coatings available to make radar locks harder.

As For the ECM missle there are some in use currently but they're highly ineffective. Most Space Navies don't even use them because the missles are such a waste of missile magazine space. So it's kind of like Doc's little joke to say that these are the first ECM missiles.
These just happen to be the first ECM Missle that'll actually work as advertivesed.

Any other questions?
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