Postby El Carpeto on Mon Aug 27, 2001 2:52 am

He'll get cheese and like it.
El Carpeto
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Postby Luchito on Mon Aug 27, 2001 9:51 am

How you dare! How you dare to kidnap HIM! You big RUG!<P>o<P>o<P>o<P>o<P>Well, just saying hello again. Take care of the dollmaster while you're getting him there. And remember: bread and water (not even tea) <IMG SRC=""><P>------------------
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Postby Kaifeng-Christine on Wed Aug 29, 2001 6:03 am

I see... You're going to feed our (how did you put it?) "Valuable Hostage", rotten product of milk.
You do realize, don't you, that we'll get more from him ALIVE and relatively healthy, than we will if he's sickly, or, dead of food poisoning.
Just a thought.
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