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website/update difficulties here, Forum posts vanishing there, yes, one could say that the Keenadmins should have done this back in late december, when nobody was on line, but that's stuffing the mushroom cloud back into the steel casing.
If LGW hasn't updated by Wednesday Morning, I'll do a "manual update".
(Of course, then again, the site's loading so slowly on DSL that I'm pretty sure nobody's able to get in and read, anyway...)
OH, Today (the Fifteenth) marks ten days until I'm laid off from Boeing.
I sincerely hope Phil Condit and Harry Stonecipher experience traumatic and horrible things in their lives, preferably very soon, and very publicly, along with the whole rest of those incompetent pricks on their staff- Anyone, ANYONE, who can lose three major contracts, piss off so many airline customers that they only manage three measly little orders at the largest trade show in the world (Paris Airshow), and run a profitable company into the ground while blaming the LINE WORKERS, deserves to be found, by Paramedics, in unlawful congress with a dead dog, experiencing a heart attack, two hours after their assets are seized by the DEA.
no, I'm not bitter...<P>------------------
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