Postby ShimmeringStardust on Tue Sep 25, 2001 3:42 am

Well, lookie here, your favourite fangirl is back! Didja miss me? Hmm? ^_^ ....why do I doubt it?<P>Good work is being done here, as usual. **hauls out the dusty fan-flags and waves them, albeit coughing** <P>...and it's true...who *does* register Winzip? I never thought of that.<P>Hmm....suppose I don't have much to say tonight. I'm technically in the middle of writing an essay, but decided to take a break. If anyone wants to talk to me, my AIM is SparklyBP...I do have ICQ, you may enquire about that, if you like...<P>Later!<P>~Dusty
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