And the man...came back!

Postby ShimmeringStardust on Sun Aug 26, 2001 6:31 am

Good to have you back, Aaron. Not that the guest comic wasn't good...that's not what I meant! And, as usual, the boards are dead as ever.'s as though the place doesn't survive without me. ^_^;<P>And where have *I* been, you ask? (What do you mean, you didn't ask? Maybe you thought it...just humour me) I've been away a lot, doing various camp! Then there was the whole two weeks where my computer took trips in and out of the "shop" because it decided to delete its hard drive in its entirety. Twice. We re-installed Windows. Twice. It sucked. My entire overly-extensive MP3 collection, gone. My custom backgrounds and desktop theme, vanished. 'Twas a sad, sad thing...<P>But that's depressing. Keep up the good work! It's great to see you back! **waves the fan-flags**<P>~Dusty
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Postby Paradigm on Tue Aug 28, 2001 10:21 am

Computers tend to fall into that range of things that are either extremely good or extremely bad. Sort of like comics. LOL
Ah, you have no idea how much I needed that week off. I promised myself early on that I would not allow Paradigm to become one of those comics that becomes serial after the artist decides that he can't do actual jokes anymore. It's a lot harder to write a non-serial strip, but I think they tend to be funnier. Well, maybe not in my case, but at least I'm sticking with my guns. ^_~
Personally, I'm really excited right now. I'm going to be attending my first big convention ever; Dragon*Con this weekend in Atlanta. I'm going to post about it Thursday, but I'm hoping to maybe get to meet someone who reads the strip. It's a long-shot, but with such a concentration of likely subjects, I'd be Dragon*Con will be my best bet to do so.
Well, I gotta get back to work. -_- Later!
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