YYEEeesss.... new line art to color :D

YYEEeesss.... new line art to color :D

Postby Tarsier on Wed Jun 12, 2002 12:47 pm

Oh yeah! new line art to color! Looks like a fun one too. :lol: can't wait to get started on it. (OK, I already started, so shoot me. :) ) Though, the question, "why is he running?" does spring to mind. (I wish I had problems like that. :) )

Thanks from a happy hoppy, Tarsier.

Oh yeah, sorry to hear about your scanner Ms. Idres, and good luck with the Packing for up north work.

Seems to me, you mentioned something else too... oh, well guess it wasn't a big deal.

Now what color hair do I start with...
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