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PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2004 6:30 am
by Eunice_P
Actually, this is a recycled forum from my previous old comic Ghosts Hunters which was once hosted on Keenspace. Anyway, this forum will be used for discussing the current new comic, "I Come From Mars" that is hosted on keenspace at

Feel free to post your thoughts about this new comic site.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2004 10:27 am
by Resolve
Nice, I totally call second post.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2004 4:41 am
by Eunice_P
Hey, glad to see ya droppin' by. ^^ Hmm... not many people post here I guess.


PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2004 5:10 am
by Cope
Resolve wrote:Nice, I totally call second post.

I call fourth!