Glaring continuity errors

Postby Raincoatjones on Mon Feb 25, 2002 8:02 am

There are dozens of them in NaughtyLabs, see if you can find them all. Any involving Meg don't count, as her design gets tweaked on an almost weekly basis.
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Postby Queazy on Tue Mar 05, 2002 5:39 am

Whoa, things took a weird turn. Raincoat, I'm glad to see you're back. SOrry I didn't reply sooner. I'll finish coloring that Meg sooner or later! (in fact I bought a wacom and have been practicing!)

I have to say I like the way your art style is going. Somehow its more refined yet still feels loose tho. What I especially like is the significant increase in facial expressions, they seem that much more expressive and cartoony. On top of that I like this new inking style you're pulling off. Nice and homey to it.

As for the story, the day I got your email I checked out the strip. What the hell was the first thing I thought. I like all the weird convoluted flashbacks, I hope the story goes in this new wacky direction. I've yet to LOL but I know that'll be just a matter of time.

My fav part was Nekole wasn't supposed to arrive until the readers got tired of looking at Meg's rack. I'll have to draw her sometime too.

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Postby Raincoatjones on Wed Mar 06, 2002 8:55 pm

Y'know, the pic you drew looks as cool as hell as it is. I kinda like that it has an unfinished quality to it. I keep meaning to make a gift art page(I had a link to the pic on the front page for like, two months before I relaunched).
It still remains not only the coolest (and only)piece of gift-art I've ever recieved, but I think the coolest gift-art ever created IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!
As for the inking, I'm doing all that with Adobe Illustrator now. That thing is like a godsend. I've been able to produce my most detailed work with it. Once I get my own Wacom tablet, I know I'll really be kickin' some ass.
I'm struggling through this storyline that I started OVER A YEAR AGO (the ten-thousand strip thing, which seemed pretty damn funny OVER A YEAR AGO)It'll be finished in four more strips, and then I have some general wackiness planned.
And I wouldn't worry about LOL'ing(ing). I don't think anyone's ever LOL'ed(ed) over a Naughtylabs strip yet.
And if anyone ever does get tired of looking at Meg's rack, then there's either something wrong with them or there's something wrong with me.
And speaking of that strip, no one's mentioned how sexy Nekole looks in the second panel (compare that and subsequent strips to the old one to see the style changes I made when drawing the female form... or don't, I don't care). Wake up readers! Are you men or not?!
Weird convoluted flashbacks? Don't you remember the time that Nekole was taken over by Brainlord? Or when Kawaii JR entered the disco competition?
Geez, check the archives man. I haven't done 10,000 strips for nothing you know.

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