Forum Hosting and TNS Top 10

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Forum Hosting and TNS Top 10

Postby Theflyingkitty on Tue Dec 13, 2005 10:03 am

Comming with the whole new look and feel, and soon to be grand opening of Tempest Night Studios, we are now offering sub-forums to any web-comic who needs a place to rest it's discussion. ( Still being worked on, though WILL be finished by the end of the week!)

The idea is that each person brings in members to the web-comic scene, and therefor, allows other webcomics to be known as well. Ie: alot more traffic for everyone.

You will get: 1 sub-forum, and the ability to place your own logo at the top, giving your board a style and feel all it's own. No ads ever. Other than the URL, your board will give the impression that your hosting it. You will also have full moderation privilages for your space.

To apply, just drop an e-mail to

Also remember the TNS Top10!
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