Moving Gear to ComicGenesis Wiki

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Moving Gear to ComicGenesis Wiki

Postby Phalanx on Mon Aug 22, 2005 2:06 pm

We're in a state of transition, and the information contained in the Gear will be moved to the new ComicGen Wiki soon

The Good news is, from now on, if you have a CG forum account, you can edit the Gear too. That means that if you have a tutorial or anything to add to Gear, you can do it directly instead of waiting for me to do it. ... ity_Portal

I'll expand the sections soon. For the time being these are the sections:

Frequently Asked Questions ... _Questions

(Stuff like Banner Avatar Guide and Step-by-step go here)

A List of Tags and How to Use Them
(The new Tagtorial will be here)

List of Known Bugs in ComicGenesis ... em_Listing
(If you're sure it's a bug, report errors with ComicGenesis here so the admins know what to fix)
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