SPACE Site design rules

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SPACE Site design rules

Postby Kisai on Sun May 29, 2005 12:41 pm

This is has been stated over and over:

All sites:
The comic MUST be using the most recent ad code, if you are using autokeen, this will be done automatically by ***advertisement*** , this MUST be located above the fold of the page (ie, before the comic). If you do not do this, your comic may be suspended "for manipulating/defeating the advertisement system"

While autokeen does it's best to work with chunky munky code, it has a hard time with WYSIWYG editors, some (like MS Word/Frontpage) produce so much junk code that autokeen throws in the towel.
CSS vs non-CSS, there are css and non-css versions of calander codes, if your site uses css and is looking for xhtml compliance, do not use the non-css versions of the code.
RSS only updates if your site updates (or a full update is run)
Your site will only appear in the newsbox if you setup the newsbox AND update your site once a week

Not-using Autokeen:
Not-using Autokeen is at your own risk, if you opt to not use autokeen you must "disable" it in siteadmin.
Once disabled, your site will no longer "update" in the guide, as it can't track it anymore. Also your site will never show up in the newsbox as it can't track the update.
You must use the most recent ad code for your site located in the right location, or your site gets flagged as circumventing the advertisement code and could be suspended/deleted. This is your responsiblity to update the ad code.
If you want to prevent "manual updates/fullupdates" from being batch triggered, remove/rename indextemplate.html and dailytemplate.html from /workspace/ , Autokeen will not even try to update a site that is missing those files. However a batch *update all comics on all sites* will attempt to update a comic no matter what, as seen in the last 3 days where peoples archives disappeared.
KEEP A BACKUP. Keenspace does a backup once a month, if something on your site disappears, or your site is removed, it is your responsiblity to have kept a backup. Keenspace is not your private backup site.

The most recent version of the ad code will always be generated by ***advertisement*** from an autokeen enabled page, if autokeen is disabled, you will need to see what has changed. Right now it is:
Code: Select all
<div class="ksg_ad">
<iframe src="" id="ks_da" name="ks_da"  allowtransparency="true" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="768" height="90">
  <a href="" target="_top"><img src="" width="468" height="60" border="0" alt="Click Here" /></a>

If your ad code is NOT that, change it immediately, replacing "guide" with your site (lowercase)

You MUST place the keenspace ad code or advertisement tag above the fold of the page (ie between the body tag and where your comic appears)

You can add any other advertisement to your site as long as it's not stacked with the keenspace ad, nor can you solicit people to click on any ad banner on your site.

Keep in mind that nearly all third party advertisers prohibit running their ads with another advertiser.

If your site is MA/NC17, additional rules apply to ad placement, as long as you are running the required code, you don't need to worry if ads disappear off your site.

The newsbox code generates only an iframe, this allows the most amount of flexibility to you in where you place it.
If you do not update your site in 7 days, your newsbox will be taken out of syndication. Update, and it comes back.

Advertising on third party sites:
You can not let anyone use an part of your site stored on keenspace as a part of their site (ie, linking directly to your images, or iframing your comics/pages), this also includes linking to avatar/banner images.

Please setup the "banners" section of siteadmin if you want third party sites to see your ad banners. This elimiantes the stats inflation caused by hotlinking, and gives you a better idea of how many people actually visit your site when you setup an advertisement on another site.

Update rules:
Your site must update once every 90 days to be considered "active"
Any site that becomes inactive can be purged if there is only one comic, or no site exists.
Although you can update multiple times per day, please only trigger a manual update if you change your template files or upload a new comic for -today-, otherwise leave it to the automation. This insures that the system doesn't get backlogged for hours.
Do not do a "full update" unless you changed the dailytemplate, or there are missing archive pages. Unlike a manual update, a full update DELETES everything in /d/ and then rebuilds the archive.
DO NOT MOVE COMICS MANUALLY BETWEEN /public_html/comics and /workspace/comics . Autokeen's first step is to move everything from /workspace/comics to /public_html/comics so it is pointless to move them back.
If you want a comic to appear on a specific day, it must be dated that day ie, 20050529 , if you want a rant or blogger type entry for that day, include it as a .txt file for the same day ie 20050529.txt and upload to the /workspace/comics .
If you want a comics to appear only on the day they are to appear, make sure you upload to /workspace/comics and not public_hmtl/comics . If you upload to /public_html/comics you are telling autokeen that you want every comic there to be visible, even future dated comics.
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