Anyone read the anime page?

Postby Quattro on Tue Aug 07, 2001 10:25 am

Yes I know this is my second new thread today but I figure, someone is BOUND to answer one of them <IMG SRC=""><P>Anywho does anyone actually read the anime page? I know there is only one review up, but if I get more in there would you be interested?<P>Too tell you the truth I'm actually changing the whole anime page. I don't think it suits my site. I am changing it to a review site soon, as I thought it'd be much better if the review site was not only anime, but books, movies, games and other such stuff. The only reason I have yet to do that is because I'm writting a whole bunch of reviews at the moment (3 I think) and Dan (Gadget) is actually is doing one too!<P>But, before I do this, I figured I'd ask you guys if its worthwhile. Would you check out the reviews? would you submit a review as well?<P>Dan (NiceGuy) Quattro<P>
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