Been wondering

Been wondering

Postby WolfWarriorRunning on Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:06 pm

How would a character with no interest in having sex fare in Yiffburg? As in, a character that was asexual/abstinent/celibate, but wanted to live in the city for reasons other than the perpetual yiffing...the personable people, let's say, or the lovely climate. No desire whatsoever to go around naked or have any sort of sexual contact, ever, but no particular qualm with others doing it nearby.

Vic and Dee didn't seem to face any trouble, and they were fairly antagonistic...but they were also sexually active behind closed doors.
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How to treat a betta with swim bladder?

Postby taxBerancer on Fri May 04, 2012 11:58 am

I swim on a swim team and I want to know how I can keep my suit in good condition for a short time. My last one won't look so great. Only wear the suit when you have to race. If you want major time out of the go well with I'd say swim nice ups with another suit and change into the new one to your races. I'm trying to receive sime good time out of my current race suit however Louis Vuitton Sale I'm not going nuts over it myself but for the cold water matter as mentioned I've honestly never tried it. Of course any water could possibly get some chlorine out but in the western world the cold part I honestly couldn't let you know anything about that. Oh, and another thing: don't keep the suit in the bag or any place that way, keep it where the item won't get stretched out and it also won't get faded out and about. You should probably retract it and put it from a safe place in any locker I'd say, that way it would not get faded from overexposure to be able to light. Well i was likely to say the same idea as Cara so name do what she reported i two am an ex swimmer. If it is a special suit, such as a fast skin, then u probably shouldnt wear it all too often. I would suggest only wearing it towards the "big" meets. If u have any practice suit and wish to keep it in excellent condition, i would rinse this after each practice inside cold water. Also, u can buy its own mixture made for getting the chlorine out of ur suit. Whatever you do don't wash it. Every time you use, it rinse it out with cold water and also let your suit stick dry. Because the material that makes your swimsuit faster can deteriorate. The owner of the swim shop I go to told me. I swim for the competitive swim team me personally. Just purchased the speedo's rapid skin. rinse in cold water in case you use it, and when you wash it be sure its in cold waters. dont put it inside dryer. You learn how in order to swim in difficult locations by swimming in hard places. Swimming in the ocean is incredibly different, but lots of enjoyment. Go to the beach with friends who sadly are swimmers too are practice at improving and more used that will it. Once you are excellent, pools seem so tedious.
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Postby Bratoempatt on Sat May 05, 2012 7:02 am

Hej chcialem sie pochwalic swoja stronka.
Jak wam przeprowadzki zagraniczne sie podoba?
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