Last week for the Character Design Contest!

Postby ZGGT on Sun Jul 08, 2001 11:03 am

I've gotten several submissions, but I'd prefer a whole lot more... I'm sure you people have some good ideas. Remember, you don't have to be able to draw... you can even e-mail me a text description of your idea.<P>To review, I need three character designs, each the "virtual form", or avatar, of an AI: Mark 9000 (Ted's AI), the AI at Heather's university, and the mysterious Amy's AI. Mark 9000 is male, the University AI has no specific gender, and Amy's is female.<P>Send an idea. Send seventy. And may the best submission win. Winners will be announced on 7/16/2001.<P>------------------
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Postby Grrrpoop on Tue Aug 14, 2001 5:31 am

Just realised where the plots heading haha<P>Also noticed an unusual shape on the bottom right on the first panel on mondays strip.<P>Very familiar <IMG SRC=""><P>*getting excited*
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