Thick Pie is looking for Guest Strips!!!

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Thick Pie is looking for Guest Strips!!!

Postby MrEff on Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:03 pm

And we want them now dammit!!!

Are you a fan of the comic and want to show us??

Never heard of us but want to get some easy linkage??

then submit to us your guest strips!!!!

We're looking to set up a hiatus soon so we can switch over the drawing and story telling to a new format.....

That means we need your help!

Rules?? No rules!!!! go crazy!!!! All I ask is you keep the characters designed the same and such.... but other than that anything goes!!!

Deadline??? Well we don't have a date set yet but it'll most likely take place during the month of October....

So rush off and draw like mad!!!!

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