The Elite: Dropdown for those with things to sell!

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The Elite: Dropdown for those with things to sell!

Postby Warofwinds on Mon Jun 26, 2006 1:31 pm

Alrighty then! I said I'd get around to this a month ago, but at least it's up now! This is a dropdown for anyone selling -anything- comic related, books, merchandise, figurines, wallpapers, secret comic epilogues, the works.

What I need from you!

1) Comic Name
2) What's for sale: (like comic book, figurine, T-shirts, etc)
3) Name of what's for sale (if applicable)
4) URL of either the page where it's for sale, or a page with information about what you have for sale. Not your main page please.
*5)URL of comic

So, a fake example ('cause I've got nothin' for sale):

1) The War of Winds
2) Comic Book
3) "The First War"

If you have multiple items for sale, go ahead and post all. This list will be set up in alphabetical order, organized by comic with sub-organization by what is for sale.

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<script language="javascript"
src=""> </script>

Image: Image

Please place either on main page or if you a "store" page, that's good too. Not the links page please.

*edited. D'oh!
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