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PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2002 6:59 am
by Reinder
As you may know, a few months ago, I was approached by the subscription service Modern Tales to join them as part of their initial lineup of cartoonists and put ROCR under their service. I declined, for reasons which seemed to make sense at the time, but now that they've started and are doing financially well with a killer lineup of cartoonists and comics, they don't seem to make so much sense. Fortunately, they are still interested in having me around, and so I'm looking at what my options are. One of the options is doing what other cartoonists like John Allison are doing, and offering a side-comic to Modern Tales as a weekly. White House in Orbit might be a good candidate, if Geir is interested, or I could start something new. Like with John Allison and Bobbins, this would require me to cut down the schedule for ROCR, but not by much, and it would result in a net increase in work made available to you by me.

Alternatively, I could try to put ROCR on Modern Tales. I'm still reluctant to put the existing archive behind their subscription wall, because I've got what I think of as a standing agreement that I'm giving these away -and so are the several dozen guests who have appeared on the site so far! However, I'm sure it can be arranged that at a suitable cutoff date (say July 1 - the second anniversary of the ongoing online publication), archives created after that date could be subscription-only. And what you would get for that is archives on a server that stays up, which is more than I can say for Keenspace. And a greater likelihood of ROCR continuing until there is nothing left to tell - right now, I may be able to go on doing it for another year, or another week. There's no way of knowing. Donations have extended the livespan of the strip, and could do so again, but only a steady influx of money can keep it going for any serious length.

There are many hurdles to take. Right now, I don't even know if MT's archiving and updating system can handle a comic as technically complex as ROCR has been lately. The technology I'm using on my mirror site can (with a few minor warts which I'm involved in sorting out), so it should be doable.

Do tell me what you think! The reason I'm bringing it up is because I want to give you more ROCR, not less. But the conditions under which I'm doing this need another look.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2002 11:46 am
by Capn
I say, put WHIO on MT!
I think it would do justice to this gravely underrated comic, and I for one would welcome more of it!
That way you can develop the mirror site for ROCR. Don't forget you've already put quite a bit of time and energy in this, it would be a shame if you let this go to waste. And no worries about the backcatalogue of Rocr being behind lock and key for all of us freeloading bastards...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2002 1:17 pm
by Bo Lindbergh
In my not-so-humble opinion, the Modern Tales archive system isn't ready for prime time yet. The subscribers-only restriction applies only to the HTML portions; you can get any image file if you can guess its name (not difficult when most people use date-based names). This includes pre-uploaded future strips...

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2002 11:10 pm
by Reinder
On 2002-04-07 12:46, capn wrote:
I say, put WHIO on MT!
I think it would do justice to this gravely underrated comic, and I for one would welcome more of it!

MT has to want it though. I do think there's less chance of that than with ROCR.

That way you can develop the mirror site for ROCR.

Since Keenspace comics are down (just when the forums are up), I'd just like to mention that the mirror is at and has not been down once in the past month and a half. But the roster of sites is filling up fast.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2002 3:14 am
by Metrobius
Ooooh for Modern Tales to want me! Luckypoo!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2002 9:59 am
by Jamaica
If Modern Tales means RoCR continues for ever and ever, then I'll find the money for it :smile:
Getting new readers may be harder, but everybody already having MT subscription probably reads everything in there, so it will be a steady readership..

PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2002 3:29 am
by Metrobius
I don't, I'm a sinner.
I read only Pewfell. :wink:

But then, I'm Chuck's Epic Poet.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2002 6:27 am
by Reinder
I don't think the idea is for all MT subscribers to read everything on MT. There's just too much stuff there already! But for those who are already MT subscribers, ROCR would be effectively free...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2002 4:59 am
by Smilodon
Reinder, I think MT is the greatest thing to happen to online comics since the space. I say put RoCR there. You deserve something for putting out one of the best comics on the web and if that helps keep things going for you then I'm all for it.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2002 9:47 pm
by Pr1001
I would prefer that ROCR remains free, to the point of being willing to see less ROCR comics, with WHIO on Modern Tales. However, I understand your desire to be compensated. Do you receive more money per user from Modern Tales or warpKEEN? I am interested in many more Keenspot comics than Modern Tales ones, so if push comes to show I would rather be a memeber of that premium program. I understand, however, that Keenspot's server problems also may encourage a move.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 14, 2002 12:20 am
by Reinder
Right now, I don't get any money from WarpKeen - when I say WarpKeen/Keenspot Premium supports Keenspace comics, I mean that they too become ad-free if you join (and with the new Pop-up ad policy that Keen has finally been bullied into adopting, that is definitely a good thing). And the Premium moneys pay for server costs. But for the past year, after server costs were paid, there wasn't any money left to pay any of the cartoonists, including the really popular Keenspot ones. So a relatively unknown (tho growing) Keenspace comic like ROCR isn't seeing any money from that either.

Reinder Dijkhuis
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