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Eventually I plan to add this section to the main site but for now it'll have to hang out here.

SKELETON: (kind of an old drawing)


This parasite infects dead bodies in the swamp before serious degeneration can occur and preserves the muscles, the bone, and much of the nervous system including parts of the brain devoted to balance and coordination. Absorbs nutrients from the swamp goo while secreting poisons that prevent most other organisms from competing with it. The parasite can only keep the infected cells alive for about a decade thus the undead tissue does eventually die. Not very dangerous on land due to its poor coordination and slow speed, however in the swamp they can surround you and drag you down so that you drown and become infected yourself. The parasite has a decentralized nervous system and does not need the head, however destroying the remains of the hosts brain will leave the Skeleton unable to stand or move much outside of the swamp.
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