M. Shoppe question

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M. Shoppe question

Postby Davidk on Fri May 09, 2008 9:05 pm

So what is Senor Gato actually saying on the t-shirt? I would be happy to plunk down some cash, but what if he said something like "McCain '08 - Yeah Baby! You know you want it!"?! I need extreme closeups for my tired, aging eyes!

(oh hey, can I get a M. Chat themed avatar?)
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Re: M. Shoppe question

Postby OrigamiJoe on Fri May 16, 2008 4:45 am

Ok, for everybody who has been having a hard time reading everything in the shop, I have put into the description what each cat is saying.
Senor Gato says "So, there I was. This siamese, me, and more catnip than..." And on the back "Well, there was a *lot* of catnip."
White Cat says "Do *you* have adventures??" back "I don't think so. *I* have advantures."
Captain Cat says "ARR!!" back "Look at me! I'm a friggin' pirate!"
Comrade Kot says "*Hsss!!*"
Monsieur has 2, One is just him with his name above him and the web address below him. The second has him in his box saying "I love my box!"
That is all for now.

If anybody has requests, I will try to oblige. I'd love to know what our fans are interested in. Whether you have a request for a certain image or an item of clothing not yet available. Cafepress has a lot of items available and it is easy to put a new item into the shop for you. Just let us know and we will make it so.

Thanks again for reading our awesome comic!

For top notch cat humor, go to http://mchat.comicgenesis.com!
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