Welcome/Rules and All that Jazz

The Place to talk about Four Days, The Comic. But If you want to discuss what you did in the last four days, thats fine too.

Welcome/Rules and All that Jazz

Postby Fourdays on Mon Jun 18, 2007 7:16 am

Welcome, Welcome, To the Titanic of Webcomic Forums. Ok. This is Tom. I'm the moderator round' these parts.
These are pretty obvious rules, and you shouldnt even have to look here, but eh, it would be sweet if you would FOLLOW THESE.

1, No Spamming (Can you in any other forum? Didnt think so)
2, Don't be an asshole (In the end, nobodys happy)
3, No Posting anything "Obscene" (Could' get in shit with CG)

Thats pretty much it. Any Comments? Suggestions? Questions?
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