Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

For requests for help from CG administrators, Wranglers, and experienced CG members. Please read the FAQ before posting. Also look at CG Wiki for tutorials and how-tos written by other CG webtoonists.
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Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

Post by STrRedWolf »

I'm posting this for folks who wish to aid CG comic artists who don't have a clue with HTML. Be warned, some don't come cheap! Some may be willing to knock it down.

Yes, this is basically a yellow pages thread.

DO NOT CONTACT THEM VIA THIS TOPIC. Ether PM them or email them. They should post contact information. I will be monitoring this thread, and will prune out any questions into their own threads.

Folks offering the help should review the topics in the CGWiki Tutorals and FAQs, as well as in the post include your going rate (if you have to charge) and any special considertions (such as a lower rate if the artist can give you a sketch as how it should look).

Edit: Fixed links to the CG Wiki and cleaned up some of my language.
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Re: Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

Post by Risky »

TheElven Ltd Website Design
Designs by Scott Lawrence

Willing to offer advice on installing Keen style templates. The more involved the help, the more likely I will be to request a commission in return. In other words, I'll help you if you draw me something.

Also willing to provide full HTML, Flash, Director, CSS, Javascript and Keentag installations for a modest fee. Contact me for details. I will work from your design, or I will provide you with a full-featured design. Expert at kiss theory, rtfm theory (very important on Keenspace), and value-added super functional portal site theory (bells and whistles out the wazoo, if that's what you really want). This is a paid service, however.

Any advice offered on the forum from me is free, however you may be getting what you paid for.

HTML Lessons also available, fees negotiable based on skill and temperament of student.

Contact Toll Free at "Risky" on this forum.
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Post by Carlin »

edited for unreliaebility. I am teh suck.
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Post by Databank »

And, representing the "not cheap" category.

I'm a web developer with... well... let's leave it at "years of experience". I don't want to think about how long I've been doing this, possibly because I don't want to think about some of what I did when I first started.

I ask $40 per hour, full deal. If you have a concept sketch, photoshopped (etc) layout that you want it to look like, then I can deal with that and will drop the price by a negotiable amount. I'm a solid Flash programmer with a significant amount of experience optimizing web graphics to balance file size with looks.

An example of my recent work.

I did the above for my father about a year ago. In part because I was quite certain that the web site I did for him about 6 years ago was rather out outdated. Be aware that I'll be spending quite a bit of time talking with you before starting on any projects, and during them. I want to make sure that I get your vision right, and besides... I don't bill for time spent on client-developer chats.

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Post by Gengar003 »

Hm... I suppose I could lend a hand to anyone needing some help making their site better-looking.

Qualifications: Been webmastering for years, though mostly for myself. I know HTML (Also PHP, but I don't think keenspace allows that). I have macromedia flash, adobe photoshop, and adobe imageready, and can use them all quite well. I know flash actionscript, which means I can make interactive flash things; not just animations.

Whether you want a basic html-tables-colors website, a graphics-heavy photoshop site, or an animated, flashy flash (ooh a pun) website, I've got you covered.

Cost: A link to my comic on every page. (I usually put this underneath the XXXXX is hosted on Comic Genesis.... link)

Examples of work:
My websites
http://www.tacorner.com (also, click "old site" on the navigation bar to see its previous layout, though since the whole site was made with php, a few of the files had their colors changed for the new layout but the old still uses them, so the colors are a bit off. Like the news and the hit counter)
http://haloparty.keenspace.com (<-- my comic!)
http://robank.tacorner.com (A simple design for a MMORPG I play)
http://allrightcounter.tacorner.com A functional mockery of OKCounter.

People who have contacted me through this topic
http://honouramongstthieves.comicgenesis.com (No rating yet)
http://gothymcgee.comicgenesis.com (Rated me 10 out of 10)
http://elementalseekers.comicgenesis.com (Rated me 10 out of 10)
http://fizzle.comicgenesis.com (Rated me 10 out of 10)
http://dui.comicgen.com (Rated me 9/10) [The artist I designed for quit and removed their comic, and a new one took its name. I did not design the current site.]
http://whiteninja.comicgenesis.com (Rated me 9/10)
http://banquo.comicgenesis.com (Rated me 10/10)
http://twit.comicgenesis.com (No rating yet)

Contact: I have AOL Insant messenger, and an quite friendly. If you have a sketch/image of how you imagine it looking, that'd be much appreciated. If you're interested... send me either a private message on the forum or an e-mail to me. You can find my address in the "about" page of my comic; I'm hesitant to post it on the forums. Cursed spam.

Other: Although I will gladly create graphics and web pages for you, I won't draw anything for you. If you want any of your art/comics in any of the images of your site, you'll have to draw them yourself.

Also, It's preferable if, when you contact me, you a.) already have access to your keenspace site via FTP, or b.)have already recieved your SECOND email, the one with your password.

Status: Updated November 25th. 2006
There are currently 0 people in my queue.

Type of Job [Estimated time required]

Not currently doing full or partial site design. If you have a question along the lines of "why isn't this working?" or "how do I...." feel free to drop me an e-mail.
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Post by Darkdays »

i can create a simple effective webpages for a very low and negotionable fee. i can create buttons and banners too and all that jazz anyhoo if you want to give me w wherl then contact me on


fee will be based on the number of pages, number of buttons/banners created by me (realy low anyway so dont worry) and how complex it is, although seeing as i'm tring to build a reputation i could possibly do it for free

if you want an example then my site is http://darkdays.keenspace.com but i didn't go all-out as the idea was to make it look depressing

i've also done the site for seccond stage by shannon strobal http://secondstage.comicgenesis.com/

c ya :)

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Post by Dudegirl »

I might need a little help. Ok I need a lot. My HTML skills is like my dog doing Algebra. I need something that is free becouse I have no idea how to get money anywhere. If you want to see my genious, brilliant HTML skills: http://felin.keenspace.com I really have no Idea what else I could do to it.

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Post by KittyKatBlack »


Qute possibly the most knowledgable site for learning everything you need to know about HTML and CSS.

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Post by DesignsBySkyline »

Hello, I own a website design business at http://www.designsbyskyline.com. We do very inexpensive website designing. Check out our recent work on http://www.designsbyskyline.com. If interested, contact info@designsbyskyline.com


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Post by ShatteredRoses »

Hey there,
Just a quick note to let you know about the company I work for, Aura Concepts. You can find us at: http://www.aura-concepts.co.uk
We provide a whole range of packages and our prices are negotiable depending on what you need.
We work in HTML, CSS, PHP and Flash and can even manage a little 3D rendering if you need it!
We also provide other corporate identity products like flyers, business cards, letter heads and design logos, can handle eCommerse websites, and provide tutoring in HTML and in using WYSIWYG programs such as Dreamweaver.
Contact us via the website, or at info@aura-concepts.co.uk

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OuREO design

Post by OuREO »

hey, i'm a webdesigner here and i'm willing to design a crazy website for you comic people. I'll let you all have a discount cause i have a soft side for you guys (my friend does a comic called rpgworld). so yeah just PM or email me and i'll give you a free quote.


my portfolio :)

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Post by Sput »

posting in a half dead thread, yar.


i charge either fanart or like5 bucks in the mail. work with html, css, and can create images for you as well. fan of non linear sites. nrgf.
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Basic Site

Post by Loadobject »

If you want any type of a site i can make it and i payment can be in art or money. If the server can support it ill make it for you.
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Post by Swiftbow »

Techno Guy Computers

Computer repair is my business, and that also includes web design. Some examples of sites I've built can be seen at http://technoguycomputers.com. I can build in html, CSS, and Flash. $20/hour (and I work pretty quickly)

Latest site, Flash, 5 hours (not posted to its own domain yet): <a href="http://technoguycomputers.com/Laura Belles/index.html">http://technoguycomputers.com/Laura Belles/index.html</a>

Contact via e-mail: Travers@technoguycomputers.com
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Free Designs

Post by Thatpirategirl »

TAE here,

While I may not be perfect, I'll design your site for FREE, aside from a link to my comic on your page. Although a girl's got to eat, so any donations you want to send my way are more than appreciated!

Examples of my work:

My comic: Idol Reality

A friend's comic: My Regards

A yet unfinished design for another comic: Stalkers

I'll work with you to get the design you want, and if you're a newbie I'll also help you get started with Autokeen and teach you the basics of updating and such. Really I just like helping out, so if you need any web design odd jobs done (buttons, banners, animation, whatever) I'm up for that too.

Just contact me at thepsichik@aol.com with something about web design or comics in the title, and give me as much info about your project as possible. I'll get back to you ASAP![/url]

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I'm in

Post by Compugasm »

I'll throw myself in as an instant messenger resource for questions and advice. "How do i..., what do I need to..., which program should..." things like that. I am not offering services. Quick questions only. Messenger buttons are below my sig.

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Post by Churusaa »

I figure I've helped with enough sites to let you guys know who I am.

I design in html and javascript. I can do some css, but I don't know it very well, so any CSS I do will be scripts I look up on the intarweb.

I love html tables, but don't particularly like frames (No point, really), so expect to see a few tables if I design a site for you. I also enjoy building sites that are non-linear, or have a particularly challenging design =)

I work for donations, art, links, whatever you can afford. I'll give you my time if you'll give me yours.

I can be reached by email as churusaa@gmail.com, and icq as 315851846. I have accounts on most other im services as well as skype and teamspeak, but I'm rarely on due to time constraints. If you'd prefer to reach me using one of these alternate methods, email me with your username, IM service of choice, and when you'll most likely be on, and I'll do my best to accomodate you.
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Post by Sammich »

I'm no longer able to offer help with HTML and site setup. SORRY! ^^

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I know I'm new but I'm sure I can help

Post by Lgcline »

I'm a Computer Graphics Major at Purdue. Fluent in HTML, pretty darn good at CSS and Flash, decent with JavaScript. Couldn't tell you squat about PHP.
I'm in the middle of final projects right now so I can't do any actual web designing for a month or so, but I would be more than happy to answer a few questions if you'd like to email me or IM me.

Static Portfolio: http://homepages.ius.edu/lgcline/webdesign.html
Flash Portfolio: http://homepages.ius.edu/lgcline/flash/
Way to cute to look really professional, but you're making web sites about cartoons right? ;)

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Post by Elegant Gremlin »

Too busy to do website design.
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