Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

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Post by Uncaringmachine »

I would really like to get a new look for my website but I'm not sure who is still willing to design. Anyone still up for it?

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can't believe i didn't notice this thread before.

Post by C.w. »

Ok, so i've been doing HTML and CSS for quite a bit now. When people have troubles here i try and help out. I even wrote a html generator for CG newbies.

I'd like to be doing more design in my life, so i suppose this is a start. We can haggle on price, depending on what all you want / need, where you are, what kind of cool swag you can send, ect.

Anyway, if you're interested, just shoot me an email. c.w.comics@gmail.com

If you feel like you need to see a design in action, check out http://cwcomics.comicgenesis.com/generator/css.html . I did the Minimal Black and Minimal White themes, and just recently added the Indy Pink theme. You should note that those themes are really simple, for people who are just starting out.
Other comics i've done
Webpage troubles? HTML Generator to the rescue.

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Post by Warofwinds »

I've been building sites for 4 years now, I know HTML/CSS and many webcomic archival systems, including comicpress for that matter.

If you have a design but don’t know how to put it together, I’ll code it, and cut it, starting at $25 USD. If the design is REALLY simple, it could be less. Please provide your design in the form a SINGLE template image that is 100% the size at which you want the image displayed, layers included.

If you know how to code but want someone else to make you a design, this also starts at $25, depending on the level of design necessary.

If you don’t have a design and want a site, I’ll make you design and code starting at $50 (example 1, example 2). You MUST supply me with high resolution, layered (PSD) graphics and images for me to use if you want images, because building/designing sites doesn’t cover drawing for your site too. Whether these images are from comic pages or character art, it’s all good. I can of course, be commissioned to draw graphics for your site, but that is extra.

More details, requirements on my end, and references can be found here: http://warofwinds.com/winged-wolf-studio/commission/
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I scratch like a monkey

Post by Drawingoncards »

Ok, so here's the dealio. I build web sites for a living, along with install security cameras and do on-site troubleshooting... but the main point is I build websites. Problem is, my boss is an ass and won't let me use the stuff I build at work for my personal portfolio.

You benefit from this because I need to build my freelance portfolio so I'm willing to take on 5-6 comics that need a site built, for free. I'm just nice like that.

What you get from me:
- A professionally designed site, including Dreamweaver templates and layered PSD.
- The satisfaction of knowing your site doesn't suck.
- Something for free.

What I get from you:
- I get to showcase your page in my portfolio (hey, free publicity).
- If you like it you agree to leave it like that for 6 months.
- A small 10px text plug for me.

If you have a design in mind, sketch it and I'll use it. If not, no big deal. Character art, if you want it included, is a must. I'm not going to insult you by attempting to draw your comic.

I'll take preference on comics that have seniority. No offense to the newbs, but some people have a tenancy to make 3 strips and then abandon it.

Questions, comments or hate mail can be sent to will@miacom.info

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Post by Bjs1280 »

Check out http://www.freelancewar.com and start bidding on projects.. that will buld your portfolio up.. New site but growing. No commission fees or monthly service fees.

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Another Great Freelance Site

Post by Spunky »

Another great site to check out which offers similar services, is ozLance.com.au


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Post by Saeliah »

Hi! I am a freelance web page designer available to make your comics' website in exchange for any two of the following:

- drawings (if I like your art)
- give me credit for the work (web page design by Saeliah)
- tell me an original joke (by you)
- I make a cameo in your comics =D

Just send me a PM and we can discuss the particulars. This is for a limited time only.

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Post by Flounderville »

I've been building websites since about 2000, and I recently attempted to major in web technologies at college (I've since switched to graphic design because web technologies was waaaaay too hard!)

Here's my "going rates":

1. Questions about HTML and/or CSS --- Free

Keep in mind that I am pretty busy, so I might not be able to answer your question right away. Also, I probably won't answer your question unless your email has a subject that pertains to your question. I also won't answer it if it is written like "OMG i dont no wut im doin HELP ME fix my site!!!1! i can has different bakgrounz??/??? plzthx"

The fact that I'm offering to answer your questions for free gives me the right to refuse to answer your questions, and the right to expect you to follow the rules when you ask.

2. Making a simple layout for your website (similar to my current one, which is slightly based on the Achewood layout) --- Probably Free

If you want the exact layout that I have (not that it's super great or anything), I can send you a copy of the CSS file that I use (if you ask NICELY!) I may help you out with changing the colors and whatnot if you want.

If you want a lot of modifications done to it, and you want me to do them for you, then it will cost you. We'll discuss the price if that is the case.

3. Making super-fancy borderless-table-based Photoshopped layouts -- At least $50

That's $50 American, by the way. If it takes a long time, I might also charge by the hour in addition to the original $50 (I will keep a log of my work and send it to you when I send you a preview of the site and my bill)

I love making those kinds of layouts...I've used a few on my own site before. If you want one, I'm going to need to know exactly what you want. And I'm a visual person, so I'm going to need it in sketch form.

If you aren't sure what I mean by "borderless table based", it means that the entire website is created in a Photoshop document, and then broken up into lots of smaller images using the slice tool, which are then placed in a borderless table in an HTML document, which makes them appear to be one complete picture again.

This layout style works best if your comic is always the same size.


If you want your stuff done right away, go somewhere else. I am the president of the Procrastination Club (or I would be if I ever got around to going to the meetings)...but I will work on your stuff when I have a chance.

Contact information:

email: moc.liamg@tnattnitsuj (it's backwards, guys!)
website: http://www.flounderville.com

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Post by Earthboundwish »

I've been using HTML for about 9 years now (taught myself when I was 10 xD), so I know what I'm doing.

I usually make either tables or div designs as they allow more control of how the page will fit within a screen size and the positioning of items. Designs made using frames are too tacky. :X

I *do* cater to my client's tastes and/or to the mood of the comic when I make my designs. Examples: Colors, menu location preference, etc. Although if there's something outlandish requested, like... neon colors..., I will advise the client to pick another color. xD

That being said, I am offering my services for $25USD to design the client's entire site. That includes the index and daily template, and any other pages the client may desire. I would design the client's site as fast as possible, giving priority to the first project commissioned.

Example of my work:

So, if you're interested, send me an email with some details, and we can work things out from there. :)

Contact info:
email: earthboundwish@gmail.com

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Post by Kaloo »

I'm actually pretty good at site design. I'll build a site for anybody that wants me too. I'll basically build it to any specifications that you want, aside from really complicated things. That's a grand $0 for my services, though I'm not exactly some sort of HTML genius, I can basically do you up.

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Minicecil's html

Post by Minicecil »

I will write your site HTML at no cost! :D

I write HTML, XHTML and CSS with ease, so basically draw up what you want show me and I make it happen.

so PM me if you are interested.

Note: ***I do not use tables when formatting, because that causes problems for universal access of your site, and using CSS looks better.***
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Re: Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

Post by Anrui »

I have a lot of server space laying around that I am willing to rent really cheap. I'd also like to help people get their comic redesigned or off the ground with a taylored layout and content management system (that allows posting with a few clicks of a mouse and not having to know anything about html or css or php or flash). PM me or email me at allyoucannotlivewithout at gmail.com if you might be interested in at least having a dialog on how to make your site work and flow best :)

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Re: Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

Post by Zero_Stars »

I have a problem, I am an artist for a comic that i've started recently, i've made the account and everything...
But I can't make websites for... you know.
Anyway, I don't care who can help me create a site for my comic, just as long as they don't mind working for free. (when I say free I don't actually mean for free, because I will gladly put thanks to the person and have links to any comics they do).
So if someone can help me that would be greatly apreciated.

(extra info:
Comic is called:
H:PC (Halo: Project Classified)
I plan to update every week or so)

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Re: Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

Post by Xaybiance The Weird »

Nevermind, everything is the way it should be now. I'm too newby and too lazy to invent additional pages, so I'm just linking everything to LiveJournal XD. So now my Archive is on LiveJournal o..o

But other than that, I think I know everything I need to know now..

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Re: Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

Post by Wialld »

I can help if you need a website of selling something
Whatever,hope you get help. :D
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Re: Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

Post by Dubox »

Hello, I ask for help of anybody that could help to elaborate my website design, i tried understand Htlm code and that stuff, but simply i cant asimilate xD.

So, if is someone that have the amability to help me, i have a concept of the web, and create the title and images that require, im gladly to pay, but i dont have i pay system to other countries (im from chile), so the only thing i cant give, its a space of publicity in the same web. So please, the only thing i wanna is a sweet design, i have many pages done of my comic, but before start to show the people the site, i wanna have a decent page.

Thanks :)

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Re: Looking for a website designer? YELLOW PAGES

Post by Lazylonewolf »

Willing to help people with their CG website and/or comic.

I know enough about HTML and CSS to make it look good, just check my website for an example.
Knows how Keentags work. If you don't get them I'll explain it to you.
I'm no expert but if you want I'll give you a few tips about your art and writing, as well as how to draw more readers to your comic.
And to put all those extra stuff like:
Live Chat
Comment System
Better RSS than the one provided by CGenesis

I'll work for free but I'll only do the very basic stuff for you. Just put "designed by Lazylonewolf" somewhere on the page.

If you want it any nicer, let's talk fees. I'll adjust it depending on how hard or complicated it is. Just PM or email me. Don't worry, I'm just an amateur so my fees aren't high.
There IS a discount if you include, again, "designed by Lazylonewolf".

My satisfied customers:
Masadjra - Helped her with some of the images and html. Got a nice fan pic as thanks!

Anyone need a webdesigner for your webcomic in ComicGenesis? Talk to me! Yellowpages

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