Account Recovery without Remembering Which Email I Have on My Account

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Account Recovery without Remembering Which Email I Have on My Account

Post by VileTerror »

I apologize, my search-fu is weak, and the forums are moving at a snail's pace right now (about 5 to 10 second load time per page request for some unknown reason).
However, it's been . . . a while - a LONG while - since I had last logged in to my FTP or members page. I don't remember my password, and I don't even remember which email address I had signed up with originally. Out of fear of permanently locking myself out of my account by using the password reset page, I am wondering if there's a way to confirm if the email address associated with my Keenspace account is the same as the one associated with my forum account here. Alternatively, if there is some other way to verify my identity and regain access to my account. While I won't be changing I Blame Danny any time soon, I have felt inspired to possibly upload some new creative works to my site to share.

Thanks to any admin or other community member who may have the answers I seek!
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